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To grow and automate your business
QuantMedia is
Adequate professional team – we are able to explain complex things in simple terms, we offer different options for action, starting from the urgency and goals of your project. We deliver projects on time and do not inflate the budget
We do not require pre-written "Thick Terms of Reference" - together we flexibly make decisions about changing the functionality of the product
Fans of everything related to beauty and efficiency

There are many different types of software, we develop any software to meet the needs of the client.

Thanks to an individual approach, we effectively solve business problems, help improve the work of personnel, increase the economic performance of the business, optimize all processes and expand the capabilities of the enterprise.

See how we work
and what makes it all possible

We create high-load web services with complex functionality and integrations - from personal accounts and corporate portals to remote control systems.

See how we work
and what makes it all possible

Web development is the process of programming websites, applications, personal accounts, etc.

Key stages of web development:

  • • programming a web resource, including the collection of customer requirements, the development of technical specifications and interface projects;
  • • creation of a general concept of the project, taking into account creativity;
  • • creation of multimedia and FLASH-elements;
  • • layout of web pages;
  • • work with software, including the development of functional elements or the integration of certain tools into an existing CMS;
  • • transferring the project to the platform and optimizing the text content;
  • • checking the web resource through tests and adding adjustments, if necessary;
  • • start a web project on the server;
See how we work
and what makes it all possible

Development of mobile applications for IOS & Android.

See how we work
and what makes it all possible

SEO promotion, contextual advertising in Yandex and Google, Targeted advertising on Instagram / facebook / TikTok / Youtube. Filling the site with content and much more.

See how we work
and what makes it all possible
We will make a website, marketplace or turnkey SAAS service. If you already have layouts and ideas - we will conduct an examination, quickly get involved in the work and bring the project to release. Let's get support and let's move forward.
Need solution
for your
Fast, high quality and tasteful SAAS services and complex systems. To do this, we analyze the market, write texts ourselves and draw a modern design. We create texts and create a selling, modern design.
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of any complexity
We will make a website, marketplace or turnkey SAS service. If you already have layouts and ideas, we will conduct an examination, quickly get involved in the work and finish the project before release. Let's get support and let's move forward.
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Website Development for Growth and automation of your business
Online store
Development of E-Commerce projects allows you to expand the company's capabilities, introduce new tools and simplify business processes. Interaction with clients is improving, work tasks are being optimized, the company is reaching a new level. Modern business needs digitalization, and we know how to do it right.
Corporate websites
A corporate website is the face of your company on the web. With its help, you attract new partners and customers, adequately present your products and services, and provide round-the-clock support. Successful creation of a corporate website helps businesses to successfully solve communication issues. Moreover, the site shows visitors the ambitions and attitude of your company, affects the image.
SAAS service
SAAS systems are a solution for quickly launching a project and getting a practical result using ready-made technologies. The company does not need to develop its own software, it rents it. It is convenient, cheaper than own development and helps to get the necessary functionality with the support and maintenance of the developer company. SAAS system is suitable for all operating systems, easy to update and quickly launched.
iOS/Android mobile apps
Expanding the target audience, setting up effective communication with customers and convenient presentation of products provide a high competitiveness and growth prospects for the company. Advertising costs are reduced, customer loyalty is increased, which means that financial performance is improving. Ios and Android development makes it possible to stay in trend, grow and increase brand awareness.
Custom web solutions
We are ready to design and creation of any non-standard web design solutions and resource functionality.
Development MVP
First, let's figure out what an MVP is. A Minimum Viable Product is a version of a new product that has only the bare minimum of functionality to meet the needs of early customers.
iOT development
The term IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to to a collective network of connected devices and technology that facilitates communication between devices and the cloud, as well as between devices themselves. Thanks to the advent of inexpensive computer chips and high-bandwidth telecommunications, we now have billions of devices connected to the Internet. This means that everyday devices such as toothbrushes, vacuum cleaners, cars and mechanical installations can use sensors to collect data. and reasonable response to user actions.
Application SPA
Single page application or single page web application is a type of application that opens in a browser and at the same time does not require constant page reloading. This is possible because such applications do not need to constantly send requests to the server, and the content on the page is loaded dynamically. Thus, the user gets an experience very similar to the experience of interacting with a regular desktop or native application.
Development stages
turnkey site

We do not believe in the existence of a template solution that can be used to order an online store for any business. Before starting the development of any project, we conduct marketing research: a detailed study of the market for goods or services; competitor strategy analysis; define the target audience and form a strategy for the successful launch of the project. At the end of the first stage, our marketers will make a unique offer that will allow you to get ahead of your competitors in terms of efficiency and quality of the online store.


The second stage of website development is the prototype and design. Based on research by marketers and drafts, our designers create a prototype that meets the needs of the business. After approval, a design is created that is convenient for customers, which will favorably emphasize the features of goods or services. When creating, corporate colors and elements of the company are used. There is a thorough study of all the details to create a complete image. We successfully implement any non-standard solutions and experiments.


Programmers are starting work on translating graphics into code (HTML format). Work is underway on the administrative panel, which will perform tasks that meet the technical task. Our goal is to create a stylish and fast resource. Therefore, this stage of work lasts longer than the rest. When writing code, programmers carefully test and check it for errors.


For the safe operation of the online store, it is necessary to connect third-party services and services: modern security systems, systems (CRM), IP telephony, etc. If these services are already in the brief, we will connect them immediately. We will check all connected services for compliance, efficiency and performance. In the event that the customer wants to purchase a service connection later, there is such an option. You will be informed by our manager about the possibility of connecting third-party services at the first stage.


The security of the site, mobile application, server and databases is currently a rather serious task for both the owners of the Internet resource and its developers. As the popularity of the World Wide Web has grown, its use has expanded significantly. In addition to searching for information, it also carries out communication between people, shopping, entertainment, research activities and much more. Vulnerability checks help prevent the spread of malware and spam, which makes it possible to protect users from negative impacts and not lose personal user data.


At the last stage of developing an online store, the last testing is carried out, after which it goes into release. We provide 24/7 technical support, monitor security and availability. Our specialists are ready to provide technical support for your business and provide timely assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6 steps how we work
Let's analyze the business and find weaknesses
The business analyst will review your documentation, conduct several interviews and ask about pain. As a result, they will find solutions, evaluate the timing and cost.
Consider user scenarios
We have expertise in User Story, so we can intelligently create a prototype and outline the structure of the service with a clear interface.
Let's create a design and think of an interface
If you do not have ready-made layouts, we will draw them ourselves. We will refine the UI and UX to match the user stories.
Let's write fast, flexible and optimized code
We use a suitable set of programming languages to create a platform for the requirements of the project.
Let's test the service
First, we will conduct Unit tests, and then we will check the resource manually: we will go through all user scenarios and troubleshoot code and functionality.
Let's write a roadmap
We will conduct a deep marketing analysis of the market and offer ideas for promoting the future digital product in the markets you are interested in.
We'll help you
The company's designers choose unique solutions for each business area and create an interface in a corporate style. If you do not have a style, our specialists will develop it. As a result, you will receive a unique design that improves the image of the company.
solve problems For
of business
Our specialists create modern websites with unique tools that help solve business problems, thanks to which many business tasks are automated and are optimized. Programmers develop individual tools for each industry.
We pay special attention to the interface. The user must feel comfortable, safe and understand how to work with the site. We develop modern websites on any device using modern technologies. They display correctly, load quickly, and work flawlessly.
To plug
Databases, loyalty program, payment systems, cards and other third-party services will work on your site. Our experts create modern websites that allow you to conveniently interact with customers. This greatly enhances business efficiency.
When discussing a project, we set tasks and develop a promotion strategy. We introduce advertising tools, help to promote the site. We create a well-known online resource that is in demand with customers and attracting a new audience.
Run and
Our specialists not only create modern websites, but also help to launch the project. Testing is in progress, the site is uploaded to the hosting. We train your employees to use the interface, provide technical support and guide you to a full launch.
With useasy, That's why Whatwe are flexibleand always in touch
It is necessary to make adjustments to the TOR - not a problem. We understand that tasks can change, so we don't have a fixed number of edits.
Report workflows twice a month
We work in two week sprints. At the end of the stage, we show the result, layouts or ready-made functionality.
We connect even after the end of the working day
For example, if the server crashed and you urgently need to fix something. All working conditions are discussed in advance.
Need to make adjustments to the ToR - no problem
We understand that tasks can change, so we do not have a fixed number of revisions, we have flexible methodologies for effective development.
Finished projects


this is a complex work that starts with the development of an idea and concept, moves to the release of the site and its further support. The team conducts market research, thinks over the structure and functions of the site, and presents design prototypes. Only then follows the technical stage - programmers write the front-end and back-end. During the development of the site, testing is carried out, the level of security and loading is checked. Then the platform is configured and receives all the necessary integrations, the site is released.
In the world of development, it is impossible to immediately answer the question of cost. What needs to be developed? Business card site? Corporate portal? Or maybe a large platform or marketplace or a corporate website with integrations for the internal work of the company? The cost of website development depends on many factors. Product type, implementation complexity, which technology stack will be used. The price of website development depends on the number of development teams and their experience. On average, development starts from $3500 (CMS) or $1100 (Tilda), but individual calculations are required for each project.
As in the case of cost, the turnkey website development time is determined individually. It all depends on the complexity of the project, functionality, design. On average, the development of an individual CMS product takes from 3-4 months, Tilda - from 15 days, an online store can be assembled in 4-5 months, and a large portal requires from 5 months of work.

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